Oralia Ortiz


Strategic Account Manager

Oralia Ortiz manages and maintains customer relationships and identifies the most effective approach to streamline their customer’s business processes. She precisely reviews accounts to ensure that DOCUmation exceeds client expectations while providing the best service. With over 14 years of experience, Oralia always makes sure each customer has unique solutions that best fit their needs.

Oralia defines high-quality customer service as going above and beyond expectations through innovative thinking and exceptional service–which is what makes DOCUmation stand out throughout the industry.
Oralia enjoys connecting with customers, understanding their stories and making a positive, lasting impact on their business through technology.

Since joining DOCUmation, Oralia has learned the importance of teamwork, culture and commitment. She describes her team as dedicated, passionate and hard-working. Oralia values open communication for employees to feel included and heard. She highlights employee achievements, offers help where needed and encourages them to reach their fullest potential. Oralia admires the values and work ethic that her team shares and believes this is evident in the quality of service DOCUmation has provided for over 33 years.

When she is not managing accounts, Oralia enjoys cycling, hiking, photography and spending time with her family.