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Team Registration

Electrathon is a combination of the words Electric and Marathon. Electrathon is a one-hour endurance event for single-passenger electric-powered cars using no more than 73lb of lead-acid batteries.

The Alamo City Electrathon (ACE Race) is a National Sanctioned Electrathon Event with Electrathon America, one of twelve in the nation. This invitational event is exclusive to students enrolled in academic institutions with a STEM/CTE curriculum. Teams are required to abide by the rules and regulations in the Electrathon America Handbook and ACE addendum.

Teams will go through a series of electrical, mechanical, driver, and dynamic inspections on Friday, April 21, before race day on April 22. On race day, teams will participate in two one-hour races, and the team with the most laps combined from the two races wins.

ACE will take place on April 21-22, 2023, at the Freeman Expo Hall A and Lot 9. 

Teams must be composed of no more than 10 students in grades 9th-12th and at least one Academic Advisor. We encourage teams to establish their own “booster” fundraising bank accounts to avoid delays associated with government procurement spending processes.

A Letter to Team Advisors

Greetings ACE Advisors,

I will be working with Forrest Hawthorn, Fran Trejo, Art Olson, and the team from the South Texas Business Partnership to provide a safe, fair, and successful 2023 ACE.

The event will be held on April 21 and 22 at the Freeman Coliseum in Expo Hall A and Lot 9. This event is free, thanks to the generosity of the South Texas Business Partnership, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Navistar, CPS Energy, and many other partners in our South Texas Region.

This outdoor event will be held at the Freeman Coliseum Lot 9 parking lot. The exact size and layout of the course will be made available.

Major changes will be the classes for the event. First-year schools will have a Rookie Class. This class will be for kit cars built by new schools only. There will be a 24-Volt Class, which will allow any changes to cars that meet Electrathon America rules. It is hoped that this will inspire students to experiment. The Open Class will allow cars with high voltage systems to take advantage of the performance improvement. Those cars will receive major scrutineering to make sure the vehicles and the teams meet the higher level of safety required for high voltage.

All cars participating in the ACE will be required to have approved roll cages. This supersedes Electrathon America requirements. Drawings and pictures of the roll cage must be approved by ACE before scrutineering.

All teams must have current Electrathon America registration.


Robert Franz (ACE Race Director)